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 How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD, burn a DVD, backup iPod File and make iPhone Ringtone

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PostSubject: reply   Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:23 pm

Keisuke the only reason why the author points this out is because Google Inc is one of the few companies out there whose core principle is "do no evil". If a company markets itself this way and then goes out of its way to stick it to everyone that is not on their bandwagon then consumers and media have the right to question the move. It is akin to politicians who cheat on their wives while preaching family values. Making money without being evil is one of Google's 10 core principles. Another one is focusing on the user. Users are increasingly using this new codec because it is compatible with ALL of Apple's portable devices and many other devices. With this decision they have also broken this principle. Their first principle is to focus on one thing and do it well.. that is search… how is limiting my video choices helping them do this when search results themselves may lead me to video pages their own browser does not support?hopefull convert dvd to wmv can solve itStop wining 'Mr on the verge of getting a Blackerry'!… remember, having and "Apple' means forever wondering why they hold back the most pathetic basic feature you'd get on a 2005 Motorola, but having to also remember all the good things this iPhone gives you. How it's the leader. the original, copied and imitated, the non-buggy (don't mention the Alarm clock fiasco and text that types 'mr' when you want to type 'me'!). The iPhone is the one thing everyone who hasn't got one sl*gs off just because they are jealous. Apple can be infuriating and the BB has a few good features but leave now and you'll regret it until you return!
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How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD, burn a DVD, backup iPod File and make iPhone Ringtone
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