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 How to rip BD and Standard DVD with one tool

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PostSubject: reply   Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:07 pm

May be kind of cool for international business users but it seems pretty pointless for the average user. Also if the AT&T – t-mobile merger goes through it will be totally pointless in every way for all US citizens that don't plan on leaving the country at any time.hopefull convert video to iphone can solve itI posted on engadget about the 4.2gm wifi bug about 45 minutes after I had installed the gm, and in that time I installed restored installed restored etc until I was sure there was a problem, I then wrote on the blog about it and got foamed to he'll by total pricks…Now at the same time I emailed Steve didn't get a reply but I took the time to tell the guy about the problem… I also informed my local pc worl, apple store and square about the problem so that anyone else that needed help could get it…I had access to the new 4.2gm b revision whtih 5 minutes of it going live on the developer site and installed it right away, well it worked first time perfectly… So it's Fact that there was a wifi problem with 4.2gm and now it's fixed…The versions that are on the torrent site are exactly the same as the ones I have installed on my iPad and iPhone so stop being bitching little girls and install it, then post how great it is as it pisses on everything else out there…
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How to rip BD and Standard DVD with one tool
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