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 How to Rip/Edit DVD and Convert Video(for Mac/Windows)

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PostSubject: reply   Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:51 pm

Only if someone would have said it reversed…like white is the only way to go…Is this a april fools joke. I bet before the release date they will delay it.You are a loser because you took the time to comment and this isn't a thread.hopefull copy iPod to mac can solve itWell here's a thing. I used redsn0w and jailbroke my ip4, but now safari just loads up then disappears again within a second. Having to use google browser for the Internet, any links in email giveme the same 1 sec safari popup then back to homescreen again. Any ideas ?
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How to Rip/Edit DVD and Convert Video(for Mac/Windows)
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