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 How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD, burn a DVD, backup iPod File and make iPhone Ringtone

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PostSubject: reply   Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:55 pm

I put the brushed aluminum back from cnn on my iphone as well. I love the look of it but I was disappointed that the apple logo and fcc info was not protected at all. I didn't want it to get scratched off in pocket sliding so I sprayed it with polyurethane before I installed it. It worked awesome…its like I have a homemade invisible shield on my phone (i covered the camera lens with a custom cut piece of screen protector and removed it when finished). I do have the stripped screw hole issue, but I use the apple bumper on my phone so I don't have to worry about the back coming off or the screws falling out. I'm sure you could fill a stripped hole with gorilla glue, let it dry, then rethread with the screws as well if that issue bothers you. Home Depot plus iPhone parts…who would have thought they would benefit each other!hopefull convert avchd to avi can solve itCheap marketing strategy' or not it's 100% BS that Apple asked them to pull it down. Apple has no authroity to tell people what they can and can't do to their phones. All they can do is not honor warranty if the device has issues due to JB. It's getting sad the way they are acting and it's just making them look like bullies.
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How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD, burn a DVD, backup iPod File and make iPhone Ringtone
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