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 How to copy a DVD(on Mac)and burn a DVD(On Windows)

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I think the thing to remember here is that Apple usually implements things at a practical not gimmical (real word check) level. If they're going to do this ; that's a HUGE if, it'll be done right. So much so that I'd hazard to bet that if it's done it'll be a 'WOW' moment. I've owned other smartphones that have let me down because of poor gimmicky tech implementation. Sure tech was in them but if it's just there for specs what's the point? The retina screen is a great example. Our eyes can't event detect the amount of pixels in this screen so what's the point? It's freaking gorgeous! Sorry for the rant but I think Apple will make it classy ; not cheesy.hopefull wmv to avi can solve itMine Apple ones are still in the box. I just wish they'd stick to the same control signals. The headphones I bought for my iPhone 3GS (with control button and mic) only operate half the functions on the iPhone 4. I guess they call it progress. I call it annoying.
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How to copy a DVD(on Mac)and burn a DVD(On Windows)
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