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 Share the way of watching your favorite videos anytime, anywhere

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The think that could protect Amazon and the loophole they may end up using is that this isn't a streaming service but a Cloud storage service. People aren't paying to stream music their paying for storage on Amazon's servers. Depending on how Amazon setup their 'free storage' for MP3s purchased from them will determine just how drawn out this ends up being.hopefull avchd video converter can solve itThis read more like the iPad gift giving special. While I realize the few apps mentioned can be used on both iPad and iPhone, it's a huge assumption that everyone either has or will be getting an iPad to outfit.I see 1,000+ high school students/day not one has an iPad, or has plans to get one. Many of them have iPhones or iPod Touches, and more plan on getting one of these smaller devices.I realize the thrust of the gift series is to get people into the SME stores, but this could have covered so much more!
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Share the way of watching your favorite videos anytime, anywhere
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